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Ways You Can Associate With Dorchester Habitat For Humanity

If you live in and around Charleston SC, you might have come across one of the five Habitat for Humanity affiliates. You may have seen families and people from all walks of life come together to build a home from scratch for someone in need. However, if you are new to the area, let’s give you an overview of this mission. 

Founded in the year 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller, Habitat of Humanity is a non-profit organization that helps low-income families get a decent roof over their heads. Dorchester Habitat for Humanity, in particular, was founded in the year 1993 and has built over 60 homes in Dorchester County. Beyond Charleston, the organization has over 1,400 such communities in the U.S. and 70 other countries. 

Dorchester Habitat for Humanity has a mission of putting God’s love into action. The organization works to bring people together and build homes for low-income group families at an interest-free mortgage for 30 years. We get numerous calls and inquiries every day from people who are willing to support our cause and build a happy society. With this blog, we have outlined everything that you need to know to associate with our organization. 

Volunteer With Us

The best way to be a part of our work is to volunteer with us and help our organization grow. 

We do not have any burdensome qualification requirements and first-timers are also welcome. Our volunteering opportunities include internships, community service, and becoming a family partner. Whether your inclination is towards construction work, administrative assistance, or simply helping us out in the restoration work, our range of offering can accommodate all your interests.

You can enroll for our free volunteer orientation to know more.

Sponsor Our Fundraising Event

If you are looking for a dual objective of publicizing your brand and contributing to some social good, sponsoring Dorchester Habitat for Humanity’s fundraising event can be the best route. Our range of events includes the Habitat Gala & Golf Classic, Low Country Boil, and Tennis Classic, which take place throughout the year. You can be a sponsor and support our mission. 

Attend our upcoming fundraising event this June to know more!


Even if your work keeps you occupied and makes you unavailable for our volunteering activities, you don’t need to feel sad about it.

You can always assist us with some monetary donations and be assured that the funds will be utilized directly in the advancement of our objectives. We are a transparent charitable organization, and obtaining the details of your fund utilization is quite easy.

We have year-long requirements for construction materials and equipment and will happily accept even your minor efforts. You can also donate your old stuff to us, and our people will be there at your doorstep to collect it.

Click here to donate.

Shop at Our ReStore

Our Habitat ReStore is an excellent opportunity for individuals and business houses to purchase new as well as used furniture, household goods and building materials. This way, you are not only making use of these second-hand goods, but their proceeds are helping families looking for affordable housing in Dorchester County.  

By buying these used materials, you are also contributing to the environment by reducing fossil fuel consumption and minimizing landfills in your backyard.

Our ReStore is a Win-Win-Win for our organization, our donors as well as the environment! 

Share Our Social Media Pages

Well, every organization, be it profit or nonprofit, has to make people aware of the activities they are involved in.

To get more assistance, we are active in various social media platforms to help our cause reach remote corners of the country. So, even if you are unable to help yourself, you can share our social media platform and our daily posts regarding our projects.

Click here to visit our social media account.

Cars for Home Programme

Our Habitat for Humanity’s Cars for Homes is a unique program that has helped us raise significant funds in the past. You can donate your cars, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and boats to support our cause. The usable parts from old cars are sold to raise funds, and the remaining parts are recycled into the steel which is later used for building homes. We have successfully constructed many steel-framed houses in the past and have saved landfills from unwanted steel generated from vehicles.

Home Ownership Programme

Our Home Ownership Programme associates with the eligible families and build homes from the donated stuff and volunteer laborers. Once constructed, these are sold at no profit, or financed with interest-free mortgages.

Click here for more details.

Join the Carpenter’s Club

The Carpenter’s Club Programme has been our constant source of income as it allows the donors to fix a monthly sum to be pledged for our activities.

Donors are rewarded with unique gifts and invitations to celebrate the Dedication and Key-Presentation Ceremony for completed homes. These small acts act as a memorial and give immense satisfaction in contributing to social good.

At Dorchester Habitat for Humanity, we work with a vision of building simple and decent houses for low-income families in their community using volunteer labor and donations. 

Habitat homes are affordable and ideal for low-income families who could not afford a home with a conventional mortgage. Do note that we do not differ on grounds such as race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin as our program is ultimately need-based.If you are willing to contribute to our organization by any means, reach us out at (843)-851-1414 or contact us today!

Spreading Joy – Beautiful Ways You Can Give Back to the Community

An act of kindness can turn this world into a better place to live.

However small, these actions can make a huge difference in someone’s life and bring contentment to the doer.

If you are someone passionate about helping people in need or giving back to society, getting enrolled with a charity organization like Dorchester Habitat for Humanity can be a great choice. Together, you can drive a change and build a community where happiness is all that thrives.

But besides getting associated with a charity, there are several ways you can carry your philanthropy activities and create a positive impact in the community.

If you are wondering how you can help the needy in your society or bring a smile on someone’s face, this article will help you. We have listed down the ways in which you can help society become a peaceful place for all, have a read –

Organize a Food Drive

As per a report, over 11.3% of the world population has no food to eat, and over 805 million people eat less than 2100 calories a day.

These figures are enough to fathom the gravity of hunger in the world. Although one cannot feed each and every hungry individual, it is quite possible to commit not to let anyone go to bed on an empty stomach in their locality. Organizing a food drive or starting a free food truck can go a long way in ensuring people in need have enough food.

Moreover, you can start on the journey to charity by merely donating food items to food banks that serve homeless people. So, the next time you grocery shop, get extra cans of beans for the homeless in your locality.

Support Working Community

No doubt industrialization has improved our living standard, but this development has come with the cost of local businesses.

Many local businesses are struggling to survive in this competitive world and thus falling under the trap of poverty. As an informed citizen, we can contribute to uplifting such small-scale labor-intensive businesses by purchasing their products. Simply deciding to always shop from the local farmer’s market or handloom shops can bring a drastic change in their life and give a steady source of income.

Donate Blood

In the United States alone, there is a need for blood every two seconds.

Donate Blood

This is one of the simplest ways to help society. Blood from one person can save up to three lives.

However, only 38% of the US population is eligible to donate it.

If you are one of this 38 % of the population, you can become a donor. You can go to a hospital or nearest blood bank to donate your blood. If you are unfit to donate blood yourself, you can conduct a blood donation drive and encourage others to do this life-saving act of humanity.


Offering your services or skills is a great way to build a community. If you wish to volunteer, it is essential to determine what cause you wish to support.

If you are on fences regarding which volunteering service to choose from, browse the Internet. There are several charities and non-profit organizations that offer volunteering opportunities for interested people.

If you are good at home repair or construction work, you can enroll with Habitat For Humanity Summerville SC that builds affordable housing for low-income families. One can give a helping hand to construct a house as an individual volunteer or get associated with the charity as an organization or community group.


Giving things that are no longer essential for you to someone who may need is a great way to help someone and prevent the accumulation of garbage.

You can donate things as small as food items, books, clothes, and shoes, or as big as furniture. During a major catastrophe, the need for essential items is always high. To help people in distress find hope and faith, one can make a monetary donation or donate food and clothing items.

Besides this, there are charitable organizations like Habitat for Humanity that accepts donations of home improvement items and home construction materials. The donated items are then sold to raise money for building affordable homes for people in need.

One can either donate their new or gently used household goods or purchase from there ReSort shop. This serves two purposes: one, helps the community; second, reduces fossil fuel consumption.

Volunteer with Animal Shelter

Animals are an integral part of our society. As a conscious citizen, we must be attentive to their needs.

There are various animal shelters and rescue organizations where there is a need for volunteers and helpers. You can join such organizations as a pet caretaker or foster parents. Moreover, being around animals is a great way to find relief from stress and counter depression. 

Support a Senior Citizen Shelter

Nursing homes and senior centers are always in need of people who can drop by to give company to the elderlies admitted to the facility.

By spending as little as 30 minutes a day in such centers, you can help seniors feel connected to the world. Just have a healthy conversation with them or go out for a walk, and see how happy they would feel with your little act of kindness.

Build Homes 

Now you might be wondering that building a house is too much of a task; however, it is not.

Building a home with Dorchester Habitat For Humanity is a great way to put shelter over an underprivileged family and build a community. The best part about Habitat for humanity is that one need not have engineering or construction skills to volunteer. You can contribute to the organization in several ways. You can either choose to volunteer in the construction of a house, donate household items like home appliances, furniture, or offer monetary support. The charitable organization welcomes people who have a passion for serving the community and helping residents who need a home.

If you also want to contribute to the community, you can find plenty of websites and organizations on the Internet that offers volunteering jobs or accepts donations.

However, if you find Habitat of Humanity to be the right pick for your cause, you can get in touch with our team at 843 851-1414 for more details.

5 Tips for Moving Into Your New Home in Summerville SC

Moving to Summerville, SC should always be an absolute pleasure. Whether you’re new to the area or you’re simply relocating to another part of town, there’s still going to be plenty to do.

Before you start checking out the sights and experiences of this wonderful part of the world, it’s essential that you make sure that your home is all set up and ready to be lived in comfortably. Before you crack open that bottle of champagne you’ve been saving, here are some of the most important tasks that you should complete first. Get things right, and you’ll be able to relax in your new property much more quickly.

Check your Boxes

When you were packing your belongings, any removal company worth their salt will have advised you to make a household inventory list. Now that your boxes have been unloaded into your new property, it’s time to get that list out and check everything.

You’re going to be looking for any items that have been damaged in the move, or anything that might have been accidentally left behind.

That list can save you a lot of time when it comes to hunting for lost items. If your list does turn up some missing possessions, then contact your removal firm just in case a box was left in the van. In the case of damages, reputable moving companies will have insurance to cover this.

Utility Connection

You might be tempted to get straight to unpacking, but that is definitely a mistake. Before you start spreading your possessions around your new home, make sure that you have completed some basics first.

If you didn’t organize the connection of your main house utilities before you moved, then you need to do this as quickly as possible. In order of priority, make sure that you have set accounts up with:

  • Power and water suppliers
  • Internet
  • Phone services

Once you’ve got these organized, your home will be ready to go, and you can start getting down to the finer details of your move.

Unpacking Essentials

Don’t just start opening random boxes and pouring their contents over the floor. You need to be smart about your unpacking if you want your move to be smoother. Hopefully, you will have written on your packed boxes where they should be unloaded. Start with your two most important rooms: the bathroom and the bedroom.

You might think that it’s a priority to start unpacking your kitchen, but you should ignore that for now.

Ultimately, you should have a box labeled ‘essentials,’ which will contain your basic kitchenware and toiletries. Wasting time unpacking your pots and pans will just be a distraction from the two main rooms that you’re most likely going to be using first.

  • Bedroom: You’re going to be exhausted after moving day, so make sure that you have somewhere to rest at the end of the day. Make sure that all bedrooms are fully unpacked, with the bed and bedding a priority. Moving into a new home can be exhausting, and you’ll be very happy to have your bed all ready for when it’s time to rest.
  • Bathroom: There’s a good chance that you’re going to build up a sweat throughout your moving day. It’s always a good idea to have a bath or shower before you collapse into your freshly made bed. Make sure that you have your toiletries and favorite bathrobe ready!

If you have the basics unpacked in your kitchen, you can worry about unpacking the rest of your kitchenware over the next few days.

Arranging the Interior

Once you’ve rested after your first night in your new home, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. One of the things that you’re bound to have the most fun with is arranging where all of your furniture and possessions are going to go. Don’t feel bound to your first layout. All you have to do is get things in place for now, as you can always rearrange later when you’re all settled.

It is very common when moving into a larger property that you have too much space to play with. If you’re moving into a larger property then you may find that you don’t have enough furniture or decoration.

It might be tempting to fill your home with anything you can find, but it’s best to take your time. Look at a high-quality used furniture store in Summerville, SC and select some pieces that compliment your existing furniture. Don’t be afraid to invest in some good used goods. You’ll find that there are some amazing options to consider when looking at a recycled furniture Summerville, SC. Take your time and start building up what you need to fill your new, larger home.

Next Steps

There are some clear and obvious tasks to complete now. If you have been fortunate enough to get help with buying your new home via the home ownership program in Summerville, SC  then you can get a lot of help financially. That can make it much easier to get yourself more securely set up. Your main priorities should be:

  • Inspection: Check every part of your new home for any repairs that need doing. Look for leaking pipes, cracks in the walls, and any issues that may affect your quality of life in your new property
  • Security: It’s a good idea to change the locks on your new home. You have no idea how many spare keys may have been made by the previous owners. If you have managed to secure a newly built property through the home ownership program in Summerville, SC then this will not be needed. However, checking your doors and windows for access is essential, and you should also ensure that smoke detectors are all functioning.

The more that you plan and prepare for your move to a new home, the easier it will be to get settled. Once you are comfortably in place, it’s time to check your surroundings and meet the new neighbors. Make sure that your pets and your children are as comfortable as possible, and you will soon be enjoying everything that life in Summerville, SC has to offer.

Faith Build Home – Walls are Raised

Homeowner Chantal SmithDespite a period of gray and wet weather lately, the Wall Raising day for Dorchester Habitat for Humanity’s 51st home and Faith Build dawned bright and clear. Members of our Faithful Few crew, gathered together in a prayer circle with future homeowner Shantell Smith and Pastor Bob Howell from Bethany United Methodist Church on September 18th to bless the site and work to be done. Upon reflection, Pastor Howell said, “We are blessed to help Shantell, not just Bethany but the church community as a whole…The blessings on those who give of themselves, comeback, multiply and runneth over.”   Amen!

Con Chellis, local Allstate agent and Board Member was also there and recognized for his donation through Allstate’s Hands in the Community program.

Because of Chellis’ outstanding volunteerism, The Allstate Foundation awarded a $1,000 grant to the DorchesterHabitat for Humanity. Shortly after the presentation, Chellis and the rest of the crew joined Shantell in raising the walls of her home.

The Summerville Journal Scene also made an appearance that morning and wrote a very nice article about the Faith Build.  Read it here.

Our 49th Homeowner! – Natasha Speller

Just a few short weeks before she receives the keys to her new Habitat home on March 8th, Natasha Speller sits down to talk to us about her family and shares her story with the Dorchester Habitat for Humanity community.

Natasha’s experience with Habitat began when a friend, who was a current Habitat homeowner, told her about the program and how to get involved.

The friend, Ms. Denise, told Natasha to simply attend meeting at the Dorchester Habitat for Humanity center off Greyback Road in Summerville, SC. Right away Natasha decided to call habitat to ask how she could not only get involved but also asked how she one day could own a Habitat home of her own. After attending meetings Natasha began to volunteer her time. She did not have a job when she started volunteering but things shortly changed three months later.

Natasha got a job at iQor in North Charleston, and qualified to be a homeowner through the Habitat program. She says that is where her journey to getting a home of her own home started.

Natasha has been in the program for two years volunteering on seven other builds to give others homes, while also volunteering in the Dorchester Habitat office.

Natasha said, “Sometimes things got difficult but in the end everything was well worth it.” She told Habitat the program has helped to better her life in more ways than one, giving her hope for a brighter future.

Being a mother of four, Natasha has wanted nothing more than to own her own home and to give her children a good life in a safe home environment to grown in. Previously Natasha and her four children were living in an apartment but when an intruder broke in to their home. Natasha says, “I needed to find a safer place to raise my children.”

Currently Natasha and her children—Ja’Vonte (14), Toneyae (10), Natiava (7) and Tristeyn (3) are living with her parents. Their situation although tight is only temporary says Natasha, they make the best of their living situation and are happy to be together with family.  Keeping a positive attitude she knows that soon she will have a home to call her own, keeping in mind that all of her hard work, patience, and sacrifices will have paid off.

Natasha and her children are overwhelmed with excitement. Moving in to their new home, only five minutes from her parents home, should be an easy transition she says. They already have furniture for their new home waiting in storage. Natasha is so happy about the entire experience she and her family has had and plans to continue involvement with the Dorchester Habitat for Humanity, volunteering her time when and as much as she can. Natasha thanks the Dorchester Habitat for Humanity for everything that the program has done for her.

“I want to thank Habitat for giving me this opportunity. When I went in to volunteer for Habitat they made me feel like family right off the back. It is a wonderful program and everyone treats you well making everything well worth it.” Not only did she gain a home from Habitat, she gained a family.

Meet the Blewers-Women Build Recipients

Jenn Craig WallRaise“Lucky and blessed…”

“Surrounded by wonderful people…”

“Looking forward to helping others….”

These are all ways that Jennifer Blewer describes the circumstances that she and her husband Craig find themselves in today.  She has a joyful and contagious enthusiasm when she talks about her situation that is really amazing.

Frankly, from the outside looking in, one might think that the family is far from lucky.  The truth is that Jen and her husband have gone through some tough times in the last few years.  A blended family of seven, Jen and Craig live in an apartment with three of their four younger children.  When he was in his mid-twenties, her husband began having problems with his vision and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  The disease has taken its toll and has affected his health and balance, so that he is on disability.  Jen works part time at a local restaurant to pay the bills and their high school age son lives with his grandmother, so that the rest of the family will have more room in their apartment.

Good things began to happen last May.  Jen’s cousin Denise told them about an application meeting at Dorchester Habitat for Humanity.  They met Jaye (Dorchester Habitat’s director) and learned about the program.  The next step was to schedule a meeting right away with Carolyn at the Home Ownership Resource Center.  They attended workshops on financial planning to reduce debt and enjoyed meeting other home owners.  It took them just a couple of weeks to meet the program’s guidelines by attending workshops and meeting the financial criteria.  Once Jen and her husband saw that there was hope of actually owning their own home, they began to work like crazy to make that dream come true.

One day while she was working at Zaxby’s, Jen got a phone call from Mr. Bob, the Construction Supervisor for Habitat, with good news. Their family had been chosen to receive the next home scheduled to be built; The Women Build House for 2014!  The staff at Zaxby’s, their friends and church family, had all been praying for them and were SO excited that they would have a home they could call their own.

Now the real work of transformation would begin! Every new Habitat home owner has to put a certain number of hours of “sweat equity” into the construction of not only their own home, but also 60 hours on another home that is in the works. Jen and Craig have been volunteering every Thursday and Saturday with Jen’s work supervisor doing everything he can to accommodate her construction schedule.  Craig has to visit Hollings Cancer Center for infusions monthly, but he has been involved in home site construction and work at the ReStore at every opportunity.

Jen’ family will have one of the new homes on Weber Drive.  Construction began in May and the home should take 3-4 months to finish. They hope to be moving in by the end of August, just in time for her teens to begin new schools.

So what are they looking forward to the most?  All 4 children are thrilled at the prospect of having a front yard and a back yard of their very own.  Jen is looking forward to painting new rooms with the colors she loves, decorating and taking photos of her children that will hang on her very own walls.  The families’ new house payment AND utilities payment together, will be less than they are paying now in rent.

“I feel very blessed to have all the support that we have had.  My husband felt like he could make real contributions at Habitat’s ReStore when he couldn’t be at the work site and that was inspirational for him.  We have had a lot of volunteers who know us and who have also donated their work hours to us.  We will have had 425 volunteer hours total and are looking forward to every minute.  Caulking windows is my personal favorite home site job!  After you have been blessed, you want to help others get into their homes.  We are looking forward to sharing our experiences with homeowners who are following in our footsteps.”


ReNewed – Tyesha Swift

Dorchester Habitat for Humanity dedicated its first Recycled Habitat Home on Cutting the RibbonFriday, May 16th Tyesha Swift and her children moved from a run-down, unsafe, and crowded apartment into a beautiful Home. Tyesha’s children celebrated by running and playing in their big yard. This was a joy they could not experience in their apartment neighborhood. Tyesha and her family celebrated by singing and giving praise and feeding Tyesha’s new family – Dorchester Habitat for Humanity staff members, volunteers, and donors.

This home renovation was made possible by Thrivent Financial, who contributed $2,500 towards our costs and brought a team of volunteers to assist. Kellie Leigh-Collins was at the dedication representing Thrivent and gave the Cross signed by all the volunteers at the ceremony.

Tyesha worked diligently to earn her sweat-equity hours and improve her budgeting and financial skills. Tyesha will pay back to Dorchester Habitat for Humanity a mortgage over the next twenty-five years. Dorchester Habitat for Humanity is proud of Tyesha’s transformation and considers her to be a shining example of the Homeownership Program’s success. Recycling the Habitat Home was truly a transformative process – for a partner family and a Habitat Home. Thank you to Tyesha for fulfilling Dorchester Habitat for Humanity’s Mission of “Putting God’s Love Into Action By Bringing People Together Building Homes and Hope.”