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Meet the Homeowners!

Dorchester Habitat celebrates 54th Homeowner!

 ribbon cutting 2

“Baby, I want you to be realistic. You need to do the practical thing with your finances, and you are a woman in a man’s world…” Valorie Gaston’s father would say when the going got tough. A full time AME minister and skilled carpenter, Gaston’s father has been her biggest supporter in her struggle to get through the rigorous process required to become a Habitat Home recipient.

It’s funny how the circle of life works. At a young age Gaston inherited her love for measuring and sawing from her father, and quickly acquired the nickname ‘Tape Measure’ on the build site.

“My favorite construction job working on my new home is measuring the 2×4’s that are being nailed in place to support the roof,” Gaston said. “When you’re measuring boards for overhead, you have to be really accurate with the measurements so that the fit is snug. This helps when you are holding and nailing above your head.”

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Wecome Home Jenkins Family!

deshonte ded

DeShonte Jenkins was in a hurry to clock out from her shift at Publix, but when she got to the break room, she noticed a flier on the table that caught her eye. She took a minute to snap a picture of the flier with her phone, a choice that, combined with lots of prayer, hard work and determination, would change the lives of Jenkins and her family.

The flier outlined information from Dorchester Habitat. The organization was looking for potential new home recipients and was holding meetings in the community for people who might qualify. Jenkins prayerfully considered attending the meeting. She was a single parent with two daughters; she had lost her full-time job and was working at Publix, hoping to go into management. She was convinced that this would be the best opportunity for her family and decided to go through the qualification process. In April 2015, she found out that she would be getting a new home for her family; they would be the recipients of the Women Build House in September.

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The Creel Family becomes 52nd Habitat Homeowner!creel ribbon cutting

 Dorchester Habitat for Humanity recently celebrated the Dedication Ceremony for the Creel Family on North Palmetto Street earlier this June. After months of hard work and unpredictable weather, Christina and Tommy Creel were given the keys to their new home with their three beautiful children anxiously waiting by their side to cut the red ribbon.

Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity has resulted in more than 3,500 Habitat homes across the country and around the world since 2005. Thanks to nearly 2.4 million members who own financial products with the organization, Thrivent Financial is able to contribute to the improvement of communities like Dorchester County. The partnership also engages volunteers-members of Thrivent Financial, members of area Christian churches and members of the community at large- to work alongside the partner families to build these homes.

Dorchester Habitat for Humanity sincerely thanks Thrivent Financial for their continued support and belief in our mission and ministry, and looks forward to the continuous partnership in the years to come.

Anna and Amber Walker; Ladies who got a Hand Up, NOT a Hand Out!

Anna and Amber

Anna and her daughter Amber were living in a dangerous area of Ladson.  Neighbors were doing drug deals and the landlord wasn’t concerned about safety or taking care of his tenants; an elderly neighbor had a large hole in her ceiling where the rain came in and the heat went out and no repairs were made.

How did they get into this predicament? How did this family arrive in South Carolina?

Anna and her daughters Amanda and Amber were living in in New Mexico where she was a bookkeeper and Anna began having health problems.  After several months of treatment and incompetence on the part of medical staff, Anna was taking 18 different medications.  Some of these were toxic and causing other problems with her metabolism.  Weeks went by where her parents helped her take care of her daughters and Anna was unable to work, or some days even to get out of bed.  Eventually she found the right medical solutions and reduced her prescriptions from eighteen down to six.