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Michele’s Letter

Child at Christmas

This is a letter received by one of our newest accepted future homeowners into our program:

“Hello. My name is Michele. My son and I are currently living in low-income housing (apartment). My son is 6 years old. I made the decision to move into low-income housing for two reasons. The first was that I was not able to afford the rent at my previous residence. The second was to save money to get a house. I have been able to save money, but unfortunately, not near enough.

I am a single mother who works full-time. The one thing I want to give my son is a house that we make a home. The security of having a roof over our heads that is ours means the world to me. A backyard to play in a garden, coloring chalk on the sidewalk, sitting outside, and making memories that will last a lifetime. The lack of space is getting harder. My son has been asking to live in a house for a while now. I also want to teach my son that you must work hard for the things you want and take pride in your work. I feel that nonprofit organization Dorchester Habitat for Humanity will provide both of us an extremely rewarding and amazing experience.”

There is no better feeling than being home for the Holidays. But for many, the holidays can be difficult and stressful. Christmas is a stark reminder of what it means not to have an affordable and permanent place to live.

Imagine how meaningful this Christmas could be for a family who received the good news that they have qualified for our homeownership program and will become homeowners! Bring this joyful news to a deserving family by making a donation today.

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