Main Office and Restore Location:
101 Greyback Road Summerville, SC 29483
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Volunteer Guidelines

ALL Volunteers must watch a Safety Training Video before working in ReStore or on Construction site! 

  • Habitat for Humanity is a Christian Ministry.  Foul language is NOT acceptable!
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early for your shift, and park in back parking lot
  • Must sign in and out on timesheet in ReStore and/or Construction site
  • Please dress appropriately; closed-toe shoes are required, NO flip flops or sandals (jeans/shorts and t-shirts are acceptable as long as no offensive writing or graphics)
  • Derogatory remarks involving race, age, religion, etc. are NOT acceptable
  • Absolutely NO weapons, firearms, alcohol or illegal drugs allowed on premises
  • Customers, Staff and Volunteers are to be respected at ALL times

Community Service Volunteers

  • Must meet with Volunteer Coordinator before working hours, NO exceptions!
  • Must bring court ordered papers with you to initial meeting
  • Must set schedule of hours to be worked per week until completion
  • NO cell phone usage allowed unless on a management approved break or lunch
  • Respectful of Staff, Customers and other Volunteers;  any staff or other volunteer may request that you perform certain tasks (this includes lifting and moving merchandise)
  • “No Call, No Show” is frowned upon and will result in immediate dismissal
  • If you do not sign in and out on Timesheet, your hours will not be counted




ALL Volunteers must wear a name badge and a SMILE!!!